EA and DICE may be testing the waters for what kind of content to include with Battlefield 4 when it arrives this fall.

Surveys are often used by publishers and developers when trying to craft a sequel suited to what the fans want. EA has previously used such a tactic for measuring fan interest in downloadable content in the past, and it looks like the publisher is at it again for Battlefield 4.

According to MP1st, the survey featured questions about potential add-ons for things like naval battles, including possible titles like Naval Warfare, Naval Combat, or Steel Titans. Non-naval DLC featured had temporary titles like Recommisioned, Reenlisted, War Torn, and Reconstructed. Additionally, more dinosaur DLC was teased, even going so far as to describe possible weapon additions like primitive bows.

Dynamic environments earned a spot on the survey as well, with questions posed in regards to destructible environments. There's also a chance unlocks would carry over from Battlefield 3. Returning maps were also listed, with levels like Operation Metro and Caspian Border up for remodeling in the sequel. Unfortunately, none of the survey was screen capped, so the validity of these possibilities is questionable at best. That said, with more than six months to go until Battlefield 4's release, there's definitely plenty of time to work on some of the suggestions.

What kind of content would you want to see as DLC in Battlefield 4?