Today's Cosplay of the Day explores a stellar character from an equally stellar game. Let's check out the guardian of the cosmos, Rosalina.

You might remember Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy as the tiara-wearing protector of the cosmos and the Lumas. She hangs out in her Comet Observatory and aids Mario on his quest to retrieve the Power and Grand Stars, as well as Peach. And because she's a Mario all star, we're hoping to see her in future Mario titles, since the gang always seems to get together to play one sport or another.

Here is IchigoKitty as Rosalina, complete with the flowing dress and celestial locks capped with a studded crown. She certainly looks regal while rocking Rosalina's dress, with the star motif present throughout. It's a shame we haven't seen more Rosalina cosplay, since this one is so out-of-this-world awesome!

Check out more of IchigoKitty's work on her deviantART. You'll see cosplays inspired by anime, video games, and animated shows like The Legend of Korra!

Cato Kusanagi/MisatoNpenpen
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