Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar Games, has filed for a trademark on the name “City Stories” in relation to the Grand Theft Auto series, according to CVG.

Back in the PlayStation 2 days, Rockstar released two PSP games, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories, that complemented their PS2 games, GTA III and GTA Vice City. These handheld titles took place on roughly the same maps as the home console versions, and used many of the same characters and plot points, as well. The May 15 trademark application mentions the two PSP titles as related trademark properties, leading many to believe the trademark application will apply to a PS Vita game set in one or more of the cities feature in the Grand Theft Auto series. If the game uses Los Santos, the home city in GTA V, it would be the first handheld title to set foot in the fictional state of San Andreas.

The last handheld title in the series, GTA: Chinatown Wars, was released in 2009 for the DS, PSP and iOS devices, and while it took place in a version of Liberty City, it did not feature any characters or story elements from Grand Theft Auto IV.

It’s less likely, but still possible that the trademark will apply to some other GTA project, like a next-gen version of their massive hit, GTA V. An Xbox One/PS4 version of the game has long been rumored, but Rockstar has yet to comment on such a possibility. Rockstar has confirmed that they are working on an unknown next-gen project that will release by next March, but it seems unlikely that this would be related.