Learn to play guitar the proper way a gamer should, on a current-gen console, as Rocksmith 2014 Edition heads to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Ubisoft has announced on the UbiBlog that Rocksmith is heading to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this fall. These current-gen versions of Rocksmith will have 1080p visuals along with integrated streaming and capturing. Rocksmith on PlayStation 4 will also have Remote Play, for all you would-be guitar heroes on the toilet.

Rocksmith 2014 will lanch with over 50 tracks already packaged with the game. Last-gen owners can import their DLC across systems as the PS4 and XBox One versios will have over 300 additional songs to buy online, with new ones being added every week. The standard edition of Rocksmith comes with the Real Tone Cable, which changes a guitar's signal from analog to digital, letting it be played on PS4 and Xbox One.

Don't bother looking for Star Power when Rocksmith 2014 Edition launches on Nov. 4 for Xbox One and PS4.