Today’s Sony event at Gamescom brings us a new trailer for Rime, a gorgeous open-world adventure game from developer Tequila Works.

The trailer on the PlayStation Blog shows us a beautiful, cel-shaded island world seemingly inhabited by a lone young boy. The boy notices a small metal glyph on the ground, then looks up to see the same glyph at the top of a huge tower in the distance. A montage follows, showing the boy walking, running, climbing and swimming throughout the lush, colorful island, solving puzzles and encountering wildlife like foxes and wild boars. Finally, the boy turns a golden sphere, causing the sun to set and creating a new bridge for him to traverse, indicating that some of the puzzles will involve manipulation of the game’s day/night cycles.

With its clean, fantastical art style, voiceless young protagonist and focus on puzzles over combat, Rime is sure to draw comparisons to games like Ico, Journey and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. While these are flattering comparisons, Tequila Works is hoping to set Rime apart from its influences with a deeply emotional, wordless narrative and an island setting that acts almost as a second main character.

Sony has yet to set a release date for Rime, but Sony promises more info about the PS4-exclusive in the coming months.