Fans of this vibrant PlayStation 4 shooter are in for an excellent content update in order to prepare them for its upcoming Heroes expansion.

According to the PlayStation Blog, an update to Resogun will launch today to provide bug fixes, improvements and gameplay tweaks, along with some additional content. The new Ship Editor will allow you to design your own vessel from the ground-up much like the Gummi Ships in the first Kingdom Hearts title. You can even make your own flying DeLorean.

Resogun will also be getting additional trophies along with the ability to host local co-op matches. Housemarque will be adding a Hall of Fame for its leaderboards. There are certain exploits that this new Resogun patch will be removing, but many people have repeatedly used these exploits to repeatedly compete for the best scores possible. The addition of the Hall of Fame will cement these questionable scores while the leaderboard will now be exploit free.