The latest undead scarefest from Capcom, Resident Evil Revelations 2, is coming to the PlayStation Vita soon, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog over the weekend.

All four episodes, all accompanying DLC content and the single player Raid Mode experience will be available with Revelations 2's Vita launch, with the multiplayer Raid Mode and other ad-hoc features being added in a patch later on. The port to Vita is being spearheaded by Frima Studio, creators of Zombie Tycoon and Chariot.

There is the possibility of Vita-exclusive content and features of some kind, such as gyroscopic targeting while shooting, allowing players to move the Vita itself to get that perfect shot.

While we're happy that Vita owners will get to check out the latest Resident Evil game, we wonder how many of those Vita owners haven't already played it via another console. We're worried about Sony's little handheld, as lately it's become nothing but a Danganronpa machine. With 3DS continuing to dominate portables sales charts we'd think that eventually Sony would either make a power move with the Vita to bring it back into the spotlight or just let it out to pasture and move on without it. Neither of those have happened yet, and so the Vita continues to sit in a weird inactive limbo, waiting for its next big break. We're pulling for you, Vita. We hope your times comes soon.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 will be launching digitally on the PlayStation Vita sometime this summer, and we'll have more news on the game, including a firm release date, as it is announced.