The HD remaster of Resident Evil has broke a PSN record for Capcom, as it reached one million digital units sold. Now can we finally get an RE2 remake, Capcom?

The House of Hadoukens has announced Resident Evil's HD remaster has reached the one million units sold milestone since it launched this past January. Capcom also revealed that Resident Evil HD broke a new record for the PlayStation Network, as it was said to be the fastest selling day one digital title on the PSN throughout North America and Europe.

Here's what a Capcom representative said about RE hitting this major milestone:

Survival horror lives! The critically acclaimed HD update to Resident Evil (released this past January) has now sold over one million units worldwide. This is in part because the dev team made a great product, but also because of the excellent word of mouth and general praise fans shared about the title. We want to thank everyone for rediscovering this modern classic - or thank you for trying it for the first time. Hope you finished it as Chris AND Jill!

It's great to see the original Resident Evil get so much love, despite debuting 19 years ago on the first PlayStation console, but it has been rereleased numerous times, and this HD Remaster is an optimized version of the RE remake that debuted on the Nintendo GameCube back in 2002. Now, we're all wondering what the heck it would take for Capcom to finally give Resident Evil 2 the remake treatment it deserves.

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