There's always room for another Bio Organic Weapon/zombie outbreak in the world of Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield.

A major Japanese Economic newspaper has mentioned that Capcom plans to reveal an important game at E3, which the newspaper says is expected to be Resident Evil 7, according to DualShockers. Given Dead Rising 3's exclusivity to the Xbox One, some people believe that the next major entry into the Resident Evil series would do the same.

Fortunately, the Sankei Shimbun newspaper's article about Capcom's E3 unveiling directly refers to the project as a PlayStation 4 title, while not mentioning any type of system-exclusivity. It's normal for Japanese news pieces and articles on mainstream media outlets to strictly refer to the PlayStation versions of the titles they mention, mainly due to Sony's prevalence over Microsoft in the Japanese gaming market. The article also mentions that the game's anticipated sales are expected to reach a minimum of 5.6 million, which was what Resident Evil 6, its lukewarm predecessor, sold in 2012.

While we're going to have to wait until June for an official announcement from Capcom, here's to hoping that the Resident Evil franchise drops its pseudo-action gimmicks that have been noticeably forced into its last two entries and try to keep the series more horror-oriented.

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