During a House subcommittee hearing on Thursday, Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) took issue with violent video games, claiming they are a "key component" to the nation's violence problem.

As reported in Politico, Wolf added that the next step of the "three-legged stool" is to deal with violent video games. "Ever seen Grand Theft Auto," said Wolf. "It is violent. Garbage in. Garbage out. There's another one called Call of Duty. It is violent."

The Video Game Voters Network, an organization determined to galvanize gamers into speaking out on their rights as Americans, are urging gamers to let Rep. Frank Wolf, "know he doesn't get video games and gamers, and share with him the real facts about the video game community."

The network are asking voters to speak out now, and urge Wolf and other politicians to, "find the real cause of recent episode of gun violence in the U.S." To let your voice be heard through the Video Game Voters Network, click here.