It's been a New York minute since I've played Rayman Jungle Run, but Ubisoft drew me back in with today's free update of 10 new levels. Nine of these levels, titled Potpourri, offer up new environments for the gamer, and after swinging through grassy vines and jumping off sunny, green drenched cliffs, a little snowfall and exploring waterfalls are a welcome change of pace. After running through Potpourri you will also unlock a Land of the Living Dead stage.


For a $0.99, gamers can also unlock Rayman's loyal sidekick Globox as a playable character. Along with the purchase comes two new Rayman costumes. If you haven't downloaded Rayman Jungle Run, it costs $2.99 but it's worth every penny, especially if you love highly entertaining auto-runners. It's great Ubisoft was in the holiday spirit to offer up this cool update, and hopefully it won't be the last.

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Rayman Jungle Run