While opened versions of Bandai's Stadium Events for the Nintendo Entertainment System can easily reach up to $10,000 on eBay, this factory sealed version is going to sell for much more than that.

The rarest NES release of all time (limited edition and championship games aside), Stadium Events, is no stranger to eBay auctions that end in the five figure range, but this latest auction is a little bit different.

Nintendo Life reports that a factory sealed version of the game has appeared for auction. As expected, this version of the game is selling for much higher than usual, considering the game already hits the $10,000 range when it's just the opened cartridge for auction. Just to put things into perspective, the eBay auction's highest bid has already jumped up nearly $17,000 in just the past 24 hours as of this writing.

Bandai released Stadium Events in 1987 in a limited capacity alongside its Family Fun Fitness Mat peripheral before Nintendo ceased the sales of the game and rebranded it as World Class Track Meet. For those who don't remember, World Class Track Meet was often packaged alongside Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt on a single cartridge that was bundled with the NES console and came with the Power Pad mat peripheral.

As of this article's publication, the highest bid is sitting at $40,300 and there are still six days to go until the auction finishes. Have fun spending a college tuition's worth of money for a collector's game.