Leaked footage of Rainbow Six: Siege's multiplayer alpha caused Ubisoft representatives to step forward and talk about it, revealing how we can get into its closed beta.

Those looking for an early preview of what Ubisoft's upcoming shooter Rainbow Six: Siege had their wishes granted, as an 11-minute video of pure multiplayer gameplay unexpectedly surfaced, Polygon reports. The video shows five-on-five multiplayer action involving a hostage very similar to the demo presented at E3 2014, only this time the battle took place on a commercial airplane rather than a residential home. Unfortunately, Ubisoft has Eagle Vision activated when it comes to locating and removing all copies of the video from the likes of Dailymotion and YouTube.

During the video, we got to see some of the facets of Siege's multiplayer offerings, including a brief glimpse at customization, the ability to create mobile cover on the fly, and how teamwork seems to play an integral part in the success of one side over another. This will not be a game for the "lone wolf" or Rambo style of player, so those who go it alone might want to stick to the campaign — this is all about communication, group efficiency, sticking with your squad and overall cohesiveness

Speaking of Siege's campaign, that may be our biggest question mark for this new Tom Clancy game. It's been well noted that Siege rose from the ashes of Rainbow Six: Patriots, and that story revolved around a group of domestic terrorists attacking America. While that scenario sounds pretty generic (and as Clancy as it gets), we think it would make for a fascinating narrative as a game and we really hope it carried over to Siege somehow. We remember watching the trailer for Patriots at the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards and really looking forward to that approach, so we can only hope it carries over to Siege.

Ubisoft representatives have contacted Eurogamer to speak on the leaked footage and to elaborate on Siege's closed beta:

We have invited some media and influencers to try the game at our studio. We are glad to say that they really enjoyed the experience and that soon you will be able to read their impressions. Stay tuned. You can now pre-order Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege to get access to the Closed Beta later on this year. Stay tuned for more information on the Closed Beta in the coming months.

Rainbow Six: Siege launches this fall for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.