The PlayStation Network's newest "art game," Rain, has launched and is set to tug at our invisible heartstrings. But what else would you expect from a game about an invisible boy trying to save an invisible girl from invisible monsters?

Rain puts you in the unseen shoes of a boy who seemingly disappears after he tries to save an invisible girl from some ghouls. The only way he can be seen is in the rain, thus the game's title. Rain will feature many environmental puzzles, lost of exploration and a haunting soundtrack created by composer Yugo Kanno and singer Connie Talbot.

The game launches today on the PlayStation Network for $14.99. If you pre-ordered it, you get bonuses in the form of five hand-drawn avatars, a musical montage, a static theme and a dynamic theme. You can catch a live stream of Rain being played on Twitch at 10:00 AM PDT.