Saddle up, pardner! We got ourselves a whole mess a bandits lookin' fer trouble! Well, if it's trouble they want, it's trouble they'll get! And it won't cost us a thing to clear 'em out!

Time to become a rootin' tootin' cowboy! Pick up yer six-shooters and get rid of the gang that invaded the town's mine in tha free game Rage of Cowboy! Or somethin' like that. Can't really tell from the duskrip ... deesripth ... crazy darn letterin' from that there iTunes store!

There are six different maps ta explore, different characters ta play as, 11 different enemies and 15 weapons ta kill 'em with! Who cares if the graphics ain't that pretty, the darn thing is fer free!

Click the little links 'n pick up Rage of Cowboy fer yer iPhone & iPad. What r ya waitin' fer, pilgrim?