The screaming bunnies are back, but this time in the form of an iPhone/iPad game with Rabbids Big Bang. In this they pushed aside Rayman and left the crazy rabbits to their own devices as they float or fly around in space getting coins and other such items. The Raving Rabbids may be one of my favorite video game characters to be made in the past decade, mainly because they're so stupid and cute at the same time. Rabbids Big Bang is a mixture of the Angry Birds structure with far cooler graphics, creating hours of addictive gameplay.

The game starts out with you on a very miniature version of Earth, which apparently the Rabbids can trample on. One has a bat in his hand, and the other, which is your character, is ready to be hit out into the atmosphere. The main goal varies per round, but so long as you can succeed then you'll be able to receive a nice coin prize and one of the Rabbids yelling at you in victory.

It is a little hard to move your rabid bunny at first, but the mechanisms of how he floats around is fairly easy to get the hang of in a short amount of time. That's not to mention how his movability changes once you obtain a rocket pack or any other items of that sort. Then you'll be able to have your bunny fly from one atmosphere to another, but you have to be careful. Once he's jumped out of one atmosphere he'll start floating around, and if you don't have an extra item that'll help him keep him on the right path, the game will be over.

Actually, that's another thing about Rabbids Big Bang that I like, and it's the difficulty. If you land on any of the planets, the mission is automatically a fail. While some of the objectives are simple, it's the strange gravity that could instantly defeat you. And when you do have the rocket pack, make sure you keep your eyes on how many coins you're spending in order to refuel. It could seriously deplete you and then you'll really lose the next mission because of it.

Let us move onto the graphics, which look absolutely fantastic next to other high profile games that I've played with in the past couple of weeks. It's almost as if you're playing the Wii game Rayman Raving Rabbids with the smooth detail that this world encompasses. The music is a little silly, but it works. Thankfully, it's not incredibly loud on normal volume and doesn't have an annoying tone that could be stuck in your head for hours on end.

Rabbids Big Bang is a silly little game that is definitely a keeper for the iPhone and iPad.


App Store Link: Rabbids Big Bang for iPhone & iPad | By Ubisoft | Price: $0.99 | Version: 1.0.1 | 51.5 MB | Rating: 9+

8.5 out of 10 arcade sushi rating