Remedy Entertainment's return to time-bending, third-person combat takes a jump to the left in this amazing gameplay footage of Quantum Break. 

Xbox Japan posted new gameplay of Quantum Break on its official YouTube account. While Quantum Break's over-the-top action sequences were inspired by the slow-motion action of Max Payne, Jack Joyce can alter time in ways Remedy's old booze-hound never could. In particular, Jack can slow down time all around him and speed himself up to make it look like he's running at breakneck speeds. As you're hiding behind cover and enemies are shooting at you, just do your Flash impersonation and Barry Allen yourself to another location and get the drop on your attackers. As you're speeding through combat, you can take a second to hit an enemy with a massive melee attack that is enhanced by your ability to alter time. Jack can even encase items or people in a bubble that slows down time for everything within it. While this doesn't sound useful at first, you can surround a oil drum and shoot it multiple times, slowing down the length of its explosion and making it much more massive once the bubble bursts. The scene at the end where time stopped mid-combat for everything except you and two enemies wearing special suits looked quite impressive.

Quantum Break is expected to launch sometime in Q2 2015 exclusively on Xbox One.