Max Payne may have said "when you're looking down the barrel of a gun, time slows down," and development of Remedy Entertainment's next third-person shooter is proof of that.

The Xbox Wire reports that Remedy Entertainment, known for the creation of the Max Payne trilogy and Alan Wake, has announced that its next title, Quantum Break, will be coming out in 2015. Quantum Break takes the temporal combat of the Max Payne series and cranks it to the extreme. Break tells the story of Jack Joyce, who must prevent the end of time itself. The game twists together a live-action show with a cinematic, action-oriented gameplay pull off one of the most unique presentations we have ever seen.

As you can tell by this trailer, the time-slowing abilities of Max Payne are taken to the limit by Quantum Break. As the show follows the conspiracies around the antagonist corporation, Monarchy Solutions, and the action gameplay follows Jack Joyce, your actions depict where the stories of both the game and narrative show go. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until Gamescom later this summer to learn any more. Quantum Break will be coming out sometime in 2015 exclusively for Xbox One.