Quantic Dream didn't have a new game to show off during the PlayStation 4 reveal conference, however it did have a new engine to show off.

With Quantic Dream currently focused on finishing up Beyond: Two Souls, it's not really shocking to learn they didn't officially announce a new game for the PlayStation 4. Even though the developer didn't have a game or footage to show off, the company's boss David Cage took to the stage to highlight the new engine developed just for the new system.

In a brief recap of previous projects, Cage showed just how far the polygon count had risen from Indigo Prophecy to Heavy Rain to Beyond. The company is all about emotion, and the latest iteration of its engine provides insanely photo-realistic graphics with incredible skin shading and lighting. All that was on screen was the head of an elderly man, but it was so incredibly life-like, it's hard to believe a game system is capable of creating such detail.

There's no telling when or where Quantic will make use of the engine, but the promise therein was enough to capture our interest in whatever the developer has planned.