Sony's Sale of the Dead promotion on the PlayStation Store used a font that looks all-too-familiar.

The PlayStation Blog has announced a two-week-long sale that will cater to all you horror fans out there, which is just in time for Halloween. The Sale of the Dead will put some classic horror titles on discount for the next two weeks, with PS Plus subscribers getting even better deals, adding up to 80 percent off for some titles. Noteworthy games from this sale include Dead Space 2 for only $3.89, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for $3.99, Catherine for $6.99, Manhunt for $3.99 and our favorite, all three Fatal Frame games for $4.89 each. The first three Fatal Frame games for only $14.67? Yes please.

Don't forget, if you spend $100 on the PlayStation Store throughout all of October, you get $15 credit back in return in November (this offer ends on Oct. 28).

Also, it looks like someone at Insomniac Games noticed Sony's choice of font used for the sale. It looks like a certain graphics designer is going to have a long talk with their boss for their brilliant choices and impeccable timing.

Sunset Overdrive launches on Oct. 28 exclusively on Xbox One.

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