Nintendo is celebrating Halloween by offering some special Ghost-type Pocket Monsters for free in Pokemon X and Y throughout the month of October.

The official website for the Pokemon Trading Card Game has announced that Pokemon Masters on the Nintendo 3DS will be able to download a special Pumpkaboo and Shiny Gengar throughout October. Sure, the names Shiny Gengar and Pumpkaboo sound like they were taken straight out of Urban Dictionary or the Karma Sutra, but they're actually two excellent Ghost-type Pokemon that you can't get in the game through conventional means. Pumpkaboo comes with a Rocky Helmet and Shiny Gengar comes with the item for his Mega Evolution.

To download Pumpkaboo, you just connect to the Nintendo Network through Pokemon X/Y's main screen and check for your free gift. Those who want Gengar will have to go to a participating GameStop and pick up a code card for him and then input the code from the gift menu.

Nintendo is also holding an event called "Trick-or-Treat Friendly." We know, it sounds ridiculous. Trick-or-Treat Friendly is a special Online Competition for Ghost Pokemon only. Every player's Battle Box must include a Gourgeist to participate (which is the evolved form of Pumpkaboo).

The next entries of the Pokemon series, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, will launch on Nov. 21 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

Pumpkaboo is looking pretty sinister for a Pokemon.

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