Those of you who are still playing Pokemon X and Y are in for two shiny treats this month.

The official Pokemon website has announced two free Pokemon distribution events for this fall in preparation of the return to the Hoenn region this November. Between Oct. 13 and Oct. 26, Pokemon X and Y trainers will be able to get a Gengar by picking up a special code card from participating GameStop stores for free. This Gengar will have Gengarite Mega Stone on it so it can evolve to Mega Gengar during battle. If that wasn't enough, this Gengar is shiny, which means you get shiny Mega Gengar, which looks like Slimer genetically spliced with Mr. Freeze. Also available at participating GameStops during this time will be the Pokemon Trading Card Game: Gengar Spirit Link 2-pack, which will include two booster packs from the XY -- Furious Fists expansion and the Gengar Spirit Link Trainer Card.

If you go back to your local, participating GameStop location from Oct. 27 to Nov. 16, you get a code card which will give you Diancie for Pokemon X and Y. Diancie is the mythical and made out of crystals. She'll also be able to be transferred over to Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire when the two games launch on Nov. 21 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

Gengar is so sinister, but we know some Pokemon that are even worse: