Are there any troll-type Pokemon? Because a lot of people just got trolled with this image.

Shortly after this week's announcement that Pokemon X and Y would be coming out, fans took to creating fan art, depicting the currently-known Pokemon in the next generation. We guess some artists are better than others, at least when it comes to the art of trolling.

According to Kotaku, the Pikachu-like image above circulated on Twitter, with claims that it was an evolved form of Pikachu. A second image would appear, naming this evolved form "Kaenchu", in which the word "kaen" means "flame" or "blaze" in Japanese.

The retweeting ran rampant in Japan, until it was pointed out by the Japanese site Nari Nari that the image originated from the 2ch bulletin board, who wanted to troll Twitter users. It seems that they succeeded, but it makes us a little sad that we won't have a thermal powered Pikachu when October comes. Oh well.

Let us know what you think about this example of masterful trolling in the comments below. And tell us whether or not you'd want Kaenchu to be real!