Good news for those looking to bring their Pokemon Trading Card Game Online accounts with them on the go: you're going to be able to do so much sooner than you probably thought.

The official Pokemon TCG app hits the App Store today, Sept. 30, 2014,  bringing the entire library of Pokemon trading cards with it. Players can build decks and challenge other players, winning more cards by defeating those players. Best of all, those of you who have built an account on the desktop version of Pokemon TCG Online can transfer it to the iOS version with no trouble.

We don't know why this app wasn't made way sooner than this, because it is simply genius. The Pokemon TCG has been a powerhouse since we were playing it in middle school, with set after set bringing more strategy to the game. Now major events are held around the world where players get together and compete for big prizes, and this app will be one more resource those players can use.

We're hoping that maybe we can re-build that crazy Rain Dance deck we used back in Base Set, or that the Jungle Set version of Mr. Mime is still available. If so, this app won't know what hit it.

Just watch out, because some cards might feature the 5 Most Sinister Pokemon.