The first part in a series of videos that runs through the history of PlayStation has been uploaded, giving us all a little background on the roots of the gaming giant.

The title of the video is "Evolution of PlayStation: The Beginning" and it takes us on a ride to the past, starting with the inception of the Sony Computer Entertainment division on November 16th, 1993 in Tokyo, Japan. A year later, the Sony PlayStation debuted in December 1994.

It did very well in Japan, selling one million units in just the first six months alone. In 1995, SCE took it to E3 and launched an aggressive marketing campaign, centered around the slogan "URNOTE", which is supposed to read "you are not ready." Get it? Red "e"? Ha!

The console launched in North America and Europe in September 1995, challenging the top dogs like Nintendo and SEGA. Sony followed up with the revolutionary DualShock controller, giving players more control with two analog sticks and a rumble function. The rest, as they always seem to say, is gaming history.

Check out the video below and look forward to the next installment of this crash course in Sony PlayStation history!