We're going to miss these apps, because everyone uses their PS Vita for map navigation, right?

Game Informer reports that Sony has decided to take off some of the PlayStation Vita's extra baggage and it's starting with its apps. There are two noteworthy apps that will be removed from the PS Vita completely as well as a few features from a third app. The two apps to be removed are Maps, the PS Vita's navigation system, and YouTube.

Maps may not really be that much of a loss, seeing as it requires an Internet connection and the PS Vita is WiFi-only -- using a smartphone or GPS for navigation on the go is a lot more practical. It's definitely a surprise to see the YouTube app go. Maps will be removed from the handheld in a March update and YouTube will be no longer supported starting April 20 and was already taken off of the PS Vita's list of downloadable apps on the PlayStation Network. There will also be a few features that the PS Vita's social app, 'Near,' will be losing in the near future, but we have yet to know what those are.

The loss of YouTube for the PS Vita is definitely the biggest blow of the bunch, but at least there will be other ways to navigate to the site on the go. We'll just have to see if Sony releases any kind of statement as to why these apps are being removed. Then again, everyone uses their phone for YouTube and navigation nowadays and it probably costs money somewhere to keep those apps running on the PS Vita.