If you haven't given into the the current gen console hype you might want to now, as select retailers are giving away PlayStation TV units with a PlayStation 4 purchase.

Game Informer reports that the time to buy is now, as far as PlayStation 4s go, with the recent addition of a free PlayStation TV to your shopping bag at select retailers. The PlayStation TV just wasn't the innovative new addition to Sony's PlayStation brand that it wanted it to be. Now, retailers are tired of looking at the things gathering dust on their shelves and are deciding a good way to move the devices would be to include a free one with a PlayStation 4 purchase. One retailer that you can count on to sneak a PlayStation TV into your bag is GameStop, and there are rumors that Best Buy will be joining them. While Best Buy is definitely not confirmed just yet, it is definitely something to be on the lookout for in the coming days. I mean, really, who doesn't like free stuff?

If you're wondering why the PlayStation TV wasn't all it should have been, it could be because it's only compatible with about 50% of PlayStation Vita games, which is the primary console it was supposed to support. Plus, it's not exactly cheap. Although the price has recently seen a cut from $99 to $79, that's still a pretty penny to spend on a unit that will only sync up with half of your games.

We'll just have to wait and see if Best Buy and any other retailers will be jumping on the free-PlayStation-TV train, but for now you can rest assured that your PlayStation 4 purchase at GameStop will come with an added bonus.