A whole bunch of seemingly unrelated videos leads to the revelation that David Jaffe has a new studio, and it's coming out with an action game.

CVG reports that recently, Sony released a teaser video for its upcoming PlayStation Experience in December. The video portrays a man writing and tearing pages out of a notebook until, eventually, he tears out a page that leads to a split second view of a URL--bartletjones.com. Upon entering this URL, you will find another video that stars David Jaffe, God of War creator. The video is super creepy and features Jaffe, who seems to be stuffing his face with a combination of oatmeal and pencil shavings.

When delving deeper into the URL, it turns up a little more information on the site, "The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency is a new game development studio." The website also states, "Our company is fully funded and is creating our first game--an action title based on an original IP."

The original Notebook video was posted as a teaser to the upcoming PlayStation Experience event, which suggests that the new action game will be revealed sometime during the Dec. 6-7. At least we don't have long to wait to find out what's going on.