The big update for PlayStation 4 is still on its way, but at least we can preview some of the things we can expect from system software 2.00.

A post on the PlayStation Blog from Scott McCarthy, Director of Product Planning and Software Innovation at SCEA, clues us into some of the big additions coming with the Masamune update. A lot of the changes allow gamers a greater deal of customization options and ways to organize their experience on the PlayStation 4.

Here's a short list of the new additions:

  • USB Music Player - PlayStation 4 owners will be able to plug in a USB stick filled with music into a USB slot and play their own music in the backgrounds. The music files must be .MP3, .MP4, .M4A and .3GP.
  • Change Colors - It might seem minor, but being able to change the background color of the home screen can do a lot to affect one's gaming mood. Choose from gold, blue, red, green, purple, pink and gray.
  • Players You May Know - The "What's New" section will suggest friends you may know online.
  • Enhancements to Live Broadcasting - Players will be able to use the Live From PlayStation app to select featured channels that include broadcasts from their friends and games that those friends are following.
  • Content Area and Library - This area will now show 15 of a player's most used apps and games on the PlayStation 4. New filers will allow for greater organization in the Library.
  • Enhanced Voice Commands - Players will be able to say, "PlayStation" to prime commands and say, "All Commands" in order to bring up a list of all voice commands.
  • Add to Library - The free games that PlayStation Plus members receive monthly will now have the option to "Add to Library," making it so that the PlayStation 4 owner can own it without having to download it.
There's no date for when Masamune will roll out, but we'll keep you updated as more information about this update is released.