The release of January's NPD (National Purchase Diary) information in regards to video game sales has revealed the finalized numbers to the start of the next-gen console war, and it looks as if both Sony and Microsoft have their own ways of trying to say that they're "winning."

Sony's Vice President of Marketing, John Koller had an interview with the PlayStation Blog where he claimed the PlayStation 4 had been leading the market. Koller has said that the PS4 was #1 in sales for January next-gen console sales, "nearly doubling the nearest next-gen competitor" (who could that be?). The PlayStation 4 has reportedly sold 4.2 million units since the holiday season, and Koller claimed Sony has sold every available PS4 that was put up for sale in the United States. Sony's PlayStation Plus membership program has also increased more than 90% since the PS4 launched, totaling in with 172 million hours logged en masse for PlayStation Plus players.

In terms of sharing footage, the PS4 has had over 1.7 million broadcasts of user gameplay done via Twitch and Ustream, and 48 million successful uses of the share button have been done worldwide.

On the other end of the statistical hype-war, the Xbox Wire reported that the Xbox One has sold at a rate 2.29 faster than the Xbox 360 did in its first three months. Microsoft claimed that "Xbox" (which is noted to consist of both Xbox One and Xbox 360) sold the most games across all platforms with 2.27 million units sold, attributing to 47 percent of the software market's sales. The Xbox One is said to have 130 million DVR gaming clips uploaded worldwide (though recording footage is automatic for many achievements unlocked on the Xbox One).

The Xbox One has also had 20 million uses of its "Xbox, Record That" voice command, and 785 million overall voice commands issued. Finally, the Xbox One has had over 740 million hours total spent in utilizing the system in various ways (games, apps, TV, movies, etc.).

The lack of mentioning any actual number of console numbers by Xbox, along with their decision to combine the Xbox One and Xbox 360 into glorifying its statistical information regarding games sold, hint that Sony could possibly be winning the early stages of the sales battle in the latest console war.