Let’s say you are the most blinged out gamer in all of existence. You got both the PS4 AND the Xbox One on launch day. Look at you, surrounded by your powerful next-generation tech. The only question now is, which one do you play? There are so many great choices on both consoles. How can you possibly choose to only play one?

Good news! You don’t have to decide. If you really want to be completely ludicrous you can actually play your PS4 and Xbox One at the same time through the use of the Xbox One’s TV App. Meant for watching TV while playing a video game at the same time, the TV App just shows you a pass through image of whatever is plugged into the Xbox One’s HDMI in port. Microsoft obviously meant for you to plug in a cable box into this port, but a PS4 works just as well.

The Xbox One pass through image suffers from a bit of lag which may make fighting gamers uncomfortable but everyone else will be just fine. Games are not unplayable by any means. You can full screen the PS4 image to play whatever PS4 game you like and then command the Xbox One go to back to whatever game you were playing on the Xbox One. Note that picture-in-picture few does actually suffer from some significant frame rate issues, but no one is going to play a PS4 game in such a small window anyway.

Note that it’s not just the PS4 that can utilize this trick. In fact, the Wii U works just as well, or for that matter any system that can use an HDMI output. In fact, you may want to run your old Xbox 360 through your Xbox One, as a sort of ghetto way to get backwards compatibility. Or, if you really want to play the maximum amount of games from all systems at once, you can use the PS4’s remote play functionality to play a PS4 game on the Vita, use the Wii U’s remote play functionality to play a Wii U game on the Gamepad, load up an Xbox One game, and use the Xbox One TV App to play your Ouya. Also, be sure to grow six extra arms and three extra heads, that would also help.