Thanks to the Land of the Rising Sun, Sony's illusive console has broken yet another sales record.

Fresh off of a successful Japanese launch last week, Sony's PlayStation 4 has now surpassed six million units sold. The PlayStation Blog has stated that nearly 90% of all PlayStation 4 systems have online access (in the U.S.). This has resulted in over 3.6 million live gameplay broadcasts. The Blog claimed that PlayStation 4 content has made up of 20% of all daily broadcasts on Twitch since January 1. In the name of social networking and showing off to friends, 100 million shares have been done by PS4 owners to players' Facebook and Twitter accounts

Sony seeks to also let social media positively alter the gameplay experience. Upcoming titles such as Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition and Daylight will allow spectators in live broadcasts being able to alter the parameters of what happens in the player's events. This appears to be a small tease as to what the future of social media integration will bring for the gaming industry.