When a game company says that they are working on a mobile title that's a combination of Micro Machines and Mario Kart, we should all take notice. That's just what Playrise Digital, a new studio started by a co-creator of Wipeout, has done with their announcement of Table Top Racing.

As you might imagine from the name of the game, most of the racing and uh ... carnage is set on eight different tracks that are all located around a house. With nothing but your fingers, you take control of a tiny racer and zip it around these tracks, taking on all the other small vehicles with an armament of weapons.

To start out, Table Top Racing will have 10 cars that you will be able to drive around the various places in and out of the house. There will be an option to repaint them and tweak their specifications. There will also be a number of gameplay modes as well, such as Hot-Lap, Combat, Pure Race, and Eliminator. And let's not forget the very-necessary multiplayer racing option through Game Center.

Playrise has stayed quiet in terms of a price or hard date for release. But for now, we know that the game should be available sometime next month. Micro Machine racing! You know who can't wait for this game to come out? Us! And this guy.

Check out some of the screenshots below: