Fans have been waiting for official confirmation from Capcom about the next entry coming to the States for some time, but Tuesday, Capcom finally announced Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies' release date.

Hitting the Nintendo 3DS eShop for $30 on Oct. 24, Dual Destinies brings the titular attorney back to the handheld arena. This time however, Phoenix will be making his first appearance on the 3DS. Mr. Wright will be joined by Attorney Apollo Justice and new Associate Attorney Athena Cykes, who has some psychic abilities to better help you win cases.

Additionally, Capcom revealed the costume and story DLC (Turnabout Return) will be made available for Western audiences as well. There was no info on release dates for that content, but that it's coming at all is good news. Now if we could just get a release date for Phoenix Wright vs. Professor Layton, we'd be perfectly content.

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