The man behind the green has teased an upcoming Xbox One feature we were hoping Microsoft would have had ready since the current-gen system launched back in November 2013.

Phil Spencer has just teased on his official Twitter that Xbox One users will finally be able to take screenshots of their gameplay. While it's nice to say "Xbox, record that" and watch the Big M's magic at work, the Xbox One can only record video clips. You would have figured that, since it's easy to film a video of what the Xbox One displays on its screen, taking a screenshot would be just as effortless -- wrong. Adding this feature took many more months than we were hoping.

It looks like the Xbox One's Snap function will take you to a menu where you're able to navigate your Snapped content. You will also be able to take photos and record videos from this menu as well -- this shows that picture-taking functionality will be easy even for those without the ability to input Xbox One voice commands.

While no launch window is set for this few feature, we have a feeling this screenshot function will debut in the Xbox's next big system update, which is expected to launch in either March or April.