Microsoft is releasing its first Xbox One update of 2015 and it includes all sorts of fixes and new content.

A few weeks ago, we told you about the firmware update that the Xbox One controller would be getting. The Xbox Wire has revealed even more about this big update, which is now available for your current-gen console. We're warning you, the list of new features is pretty long, but we'll give you the Spark Notes.

Here are the big things Microsoft have lined up for your Xbox One:

  • The Xbox One controller is getting improvements to its speed and stability.
  • Introduction of game hubs where you can go to view the most interesting content about a specific game, including tips and tricks, cool clips and whose streams you should watch.
  • Party chat will be updated to include icons, indicating each player's current connection status. It's also getting better connectivity, more clarity in terms of game/party invitations and performance improvements.
  • Backgrounds will be more visible now that Microsoft has implemented a setting where, upon choosing a background, the tiles in front of it will become slightly transparent.
  • TV updates include seeing which OneGuide TV listings are trending on Xbox and Twitter, the ability to see video frames when fast-forwarding and improved connectivity/performance with set-top boxes, receivers and other third-party devices.

To check out a more in depth explanation of everything that will be coming to the Xbox One in this new update, you can watch the video provided above.