Our favorite cartoon-esque puzzle game is getting a magical piece of downloadable content.

Joystiq reports that Peggle 2 is getting some new DLC in the form of Windy, a new fairy master that brings her Fairy Flock power to puzzle scene. Windy's Fairy Flock ability can change simple shots into additional, chance-earning ones. She also has the awesome ability to change the game's blue pegs into purple ones, which is a welcome addition for those hoping to break their all-time highest scores.

Windy's Master Pack downloadable content launches today for the price of $1.99 on the Xbox One version of Peggle 2. This DLC includes three new costumes, three new achievements, 30 additional objectives and 10 trials which pan out across the DLC's 10 new levels. The latest major update for Peggle 2 added localized multiplayer this past March. In related news, the Xbox 360 version of Peggle 2 will be available starting May 7.