Robbing banks and pulling off the perfect heist is going to be a bit more intricate with this downloadable content update for Payday 2.

The Deathwish DLC for Payday 2 will introduce new enemy types, a new difficulty, a new melee weapon and 35 new achievements for this heist-oriented title. The new melee weapon being added to Payday 2 is a pair of Brass Knuckles. Deathwish also introduces two new enemy types: the GENSEC Elite SWAT and an Elite Bulldozer with a large machine gun attached to it. They both look like they're going to throw massive monkey wrenches into our criminal plans.

The biggest change comes from the new Death Wish difficulty level. Death Wish randomly alters your heists. For example, exits could randomly be inaccessible, skylights could appear in building roofs that weren't there before (triggering SWAT helicopter raids) and escape routes could be ruined by the removal of a bridge you were going to use to escape.

The upcoming Deathwish DLC for Payday 2 will be free of charge. On top of that, Overkill Software has reduced the price of Payday 2 by 50% until March 2. No word on when to expect it on consoles just yet, but Deathwish is available on PC starting today.