Hideo Kojima's cryptic puzzle at the end of the terrifying Playable Teaser (P.T.) for Silent Hills has left thousands of gamers stumped, but someone has finally cracked the code. Also, someone has deciphered P.T.'s radio transmissions, which suggest that aliens could be returning to Silent Hill.

Kotaku reports that The Grate Debate has revealed exactly how they were able to successfully beat P.T. Most people who have beaten the Kojima teaser for Silent Hills have only been able to solve the final puzzle through sheer luck. The Grate Debate has thoroughly explained the final puzzle of P.T., showing just how much of a genius Hideo Kojima really is, especially once you reach the "Jarith" revelation seen in video's explanation.

We knew that you had to get the phone to ring to get the Silent Hills teaser ending, but we didn't know how exact you had to be with these seemingly random actions. Tortoiseontour, the creator of the video, explains that he has been able to successfully get the ending over 30 times using his technique. Just make sure you have a microphone connected while you're playing.

Even though Tortoiseontour solved the puzzle, the overarching mysteries of P.T.'s story have yet to be solved. In particular, someone has translated the Swedish radio broadcast that sporadically plays during P.T., according to Destructoid. Based on this video (provided below) it suggests that the extraterrestrials from the weirder endings of the previous Silent Hill games could be returning. The translated audio claims that "the radio drama from 75 years ago was true." H.G. Wells' book, The War of the Worlds, was first broadcast on public radio in 1938

Here's to hoping we get more information out of Kojima in regards to Silent Hills' launch window and whether or not it's coming out for anything else other than PlayStation 4.

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