If you're planning on getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 anytime soon, you'll be pleased to hear about the OnLive bonus that's included.

Getting the Note 4 will net you three months of unlimited OnLive access for free. All you have to do is download the OnLive Android app and you'll be able to use it to stream PC and console-quality games. Of course, you'll need a WiFi or 4G connection, but that shouldn't be too hard to swing in this age of free WiFi everywhere and piggybacking off your friends' phones.

Mark Jung, Executive Chairman of OnLive, said, "OnLive lets gamers play the games they love, anytime and anywhere, through the power of the cloud. The addition of the OnLive app to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 makes high-end games available that normally can’t be played on an Android tablet. We’re excited to give Samsung customers a taste of cloud gaming with the gift of 3 free months of unlimited gaming."

The access to OnLive is a part of the Galaxy Gifts Package, which is a program that provides premium, exclusive rewards and content for Galaxy Note 4 users. If you're interested and want to dive into the many rewards, like free OnLive access for three months, then check out the Galaxy Note 4.