Roll7 thinks it finally has a good drop-in for its newest game, OlliOlli2, and has released some details on the upcoming sequel.

Even though OlliOlli2 just came out of beta, Roll7 has been anticipating this game for years, the developer said on the PlayStation Blog. Since the beta testing's concluded, Roll7's been putting finishing touches on the game, while its Head of QA tries to find all the ways that we could break the game.

While this is all exciting since it means that the game will be coming out seemingly soon -- there's no official release date for it yet -- the really exciting thing about Roll7's post is the explanation of new features. In the skateboarding sequel you can expect to see manuals and combos, and a score calculator. Basically, the score calculator is to make you feel bad when you don't land your moves perfectly, and therefore don't get the score you could have gotten if you had. But with every move you combine and then do land perfectly, your score will increase. There will also be grind switches, allowing players to switch between two different grind types, as well as tricks with longer animation times to truly show off how awesome they are.

Levels have also been updated to have some pretty awesome backdrops in which you can skate to your hearts content. These backdrops will now feature curved ground, ramps and rails to make things just a little more creative. These will also feature "split routes," but you'll have to land a perfect launch in order to access them, as well as secret routes that you'll have to be on your toes to catch. There will also be a new Combo Rush mode, but the devs didn't share much on that front yet.

OlliOlli2 is still expected to arrive this year for the PlayStation 4 and the Vita.