New Playstation 4 accessories from Nyko include a new hard drive dock to increase the system's internal storage and a small keyboard that can attach to the DualShock 4.

Nyko is working on a new PlayStation 4 accessory that will change the outer shell of the system and allow you to swap the system's internal hard drive for one that is much bigger, Gamespot reports. The gaming accessory experts at Nyko know that a lot of people's PS4 hard drives are in the red when it comes to the amount of memory left, and it's expensive to get a bigger hard drive that can fit the PS4 console's limited space inside its shell. The Databank will allow you to utilize bigger and cheaper hard drives while keeping it safely contained within the confines of the system. Obviously, the Databank throws off the symmetrical, sleek look of the console by having a massive left side, but its practicality is worth more than the PS4's looks in the long run.

Nyko is also working on a mini-keyboard that can attach to the bottom of the DualShock 4 controller, similar to the ones for the Xbox 360. While no prices or release dates have been set for either items, Nyko's Databank should launch sometime within the first half of 2015.