You know that movie Night At the Museum where everything comes to life when it shuts down for the day? Well, it turns out the same thing happens at the fair. It's true! Ubisoft has seen it happen. They even made a game out of it! When the fair shuts down for the winter, the stuffed animals come out to play. It's the Nutty Fluffies -- today's Free App of the Day!

Take your Fluffies on a tour, from old wooden roller coasters to super fast ones! Take on Wooden Ways, Metal Mayhem, Loonie Loops, and the extreme Rapture Rides. The Mouse, Cat, Dog, Pig and Elephant will help you to gather hearts and earn coins from the wild rides. Use them to build even longer trains with more carts or unlock exciting new tracks to play!

In Nutty Fluffies, you use a unique, swipe-based control system with a tight physics engine that creates the most thrilling rides of your life. Perfect your skills in over 30 tricky rides, from classic wooden coasters to steel speed demons. Use rockets, Jump jets and magnets, earn hearts and coins, run huge loops, massive jumps and stomach-turning, upside-down tracks!

Get yourself a copy of Nutty Fluffies today for your iPhone and iPad!