Endless runners are a dime a dozen these days in our app driven universe, and to have our undivided attention they must appeal to our visceral game playing sensibilities. If you love the way the app's main character jumps or shoots, chances are you'll keep the faith for several minutes. But what will keep you on for a half hour, or maybe even more? Will gun toting, eye patch wearing nuns do the trick?

Nun Attack: Run & Gun doesn't promise you that figurative house on the hills or a view of the beach. Its goals are straightforward and simple; nuns with guns should be fun, so why not blast a few skeletons or werewolves with a few of your favorite Sisters? As a parochial school survivor, I had my share of nuns trying to dish out some knowledge, and unfortunately much of that preaching just didn't take. Wielding choice weaponry and leaping with the greatest of ease may have changed my attitude, and at least this iOS nun kept me interested.

The obvious goal is to keep running until you meet your inevitable end. Along the way your nun collects gold coins which, when collected over a period of several games, will land you power ups and upgrades you can purchase at the store. Power ups are also in large supply within the game, so your heroine will rarely find herself at a loss of weaponry. One of my favorite aids is the shield, and although my dear nun can easily take out this bag of bones, she's an accessory junkie who doesn't mind unnecessary protection. I, on the other hand, rarely use shields, which is one reason I spend more time on my iPad than at the local bar.

Like last year's solid endless runner Storm the Train, Nun Attack: Gun & Run exceeds with its deft blend of humor and moxie. Both titles offer up a slight homage to some of the action series that shined in the '70s, and fans of Charlie's Angels, The Bionic Woman, and CHiPs should also dig Nun Attack's throwback score. This app also serves as your very own groove machine: put this game on pause and channel your inner Officer Frank Poncherello or Col. Steve Austin (aka The Six Million Dollar Man). Don't worry -- I'm doing the same thing.

I'm always nervous whenever a free to play experience comes my way, as I'd rather fork over a couple of bucks and not have to worry about frequent ad pop ups or much needed in-app purchases. Although reaching in your piggy bank will enable you to get a few nuns right off the bat and make this an easier game playing experience, Nun Attack: Run & Gun can be enjoyed without any cash. So kudos to Frima Studio for not nailing us with a horrific freemium experience. Oh yeah, these nuns can also supernova their way through a few beasts.

Tracking your achievement progress is also easy as pie, and your frequent deaths will not erase any kind of goals you accomplished during your respective run. All these little pluses, from the catchy score to keeping track of your objectives, places this app slightly above the pack. I still haven't done the chainsaw sliding, mainly because my knees are still shot from all that nun jumping.

Nun Attack: Run & Gun is an above average endless runner which should put a smile to your face thanks to its addicting action and its infectious score. Although I've never played the first installment of the franchise, I'm sure a few more Nun Attacks are in the offing. It has definite replay value, and even if you have your own issues with the diocese, these gun toting Sisters are a bad habit (bad pun intended) to break.


App Store Link: Nun Attack: Run & Gun for iPhone & iPad | By Frima Studio | Price: Free | Version: 1.3 | 33.4 MB | Rating 12+

7.5 out of 10 arcade sushi rating