Storm the Train threw the entire kitchen sink in with this game, as you get to play one of three agents tasked with exterminating an array of villains who are infesting a locomotive. The evildoers, however, are more varied than a hot steaming bowl of gumbo. Skeletons, robots, and ninjas are all out for your blood, and even if you have an uzi to wreak havoc on these cretins, expect a lot of death on this, oh-so-fun train ride.

The game starts off on a great foot, since you are given the chance to pick one of three agents to complete your mission. Many titles don't offer this type of choice from the get go, as characters are usually unlocked throughout the game. Since I'm partial Samuel L. Jackson and Nick Fury, I picked the cigar chomping Mason as my enforcer. That cool looking weapon you see over Mason's shoulder, although it costs a ton of gold, is highly important for the inevitable boss battle.

The best way to play Storm the Train is to simply change it up among the three agents, as each of them have their own set of personalities. Graham, who I'm assuming is the confident leader of the bunch, is a shades wearing badass who pretty much fears no one. Every dog has his day, however, and if you get Graham killed the first thing to go are his sunglasses. Each of the characters, when they meet their maker, explode into a mess of blood and limbs, which is also pretty cool. However, I prefer to remember Graham with all his parts intact.

The goal is to kill as many of these monsters as possible and grab as many gold coins on the train. The gold helps with weapons and suit upgrades, and for 500 coins you can purchase the highly necessary health upgrades, which are used after your team member perishes. There are tons of upgrades in this game, and although the playability factor is at an extremely high level, I'm also playing to pay for Carrera's threads.

To move forwards and backwards, you tap on the arrows located on the left side of your device. The right side of the device is used for jumping and shooting, and although the controls are extremely easy to navigate when you're slaying the low rent bad guys, handling a boss battle without a weapons upgrade is nearly impossible. It's great that the guns have an endless supply of ammunition, but the agents don't have the strongest of health meters. So if you're planning to just run rough shod through a line of zombies -- don't. Once they grab a hold of you it's over in seconds, so if you want to blow their heads off free and clear, a little distance is necessary.

The game's score is a throwback to the type of music you'd hear from The A-Team or Knight Rider. And just like those shows, Storm the Train is just pure, over the top, fun. Leave your thinking cap at home, or else this train just might leave without you.


App Store Link: Storm the Train for iPhone & iPad | By Chillingo Ltd | Price: Free | Version: 1.0.2 | 48.4 MB | Rating 9+

7.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating