Hello Games' upcoming sci-fi game, No Man's Sky, looks like an impressive, open-world(s) adventure. But what actually do you do in the game?

In No Man's Sky, players are free to explore as they please in an expansive universe that only gets bigger as more players explore different planets. A video from GameSpot reveals thoughts from Hello Games' developers on how No Man's Sky will be a more futuristic game in which freedom is paramount and weapons aren't relegated to taking the form of assault rifles or pistols. In No Man's Sky, they're opting for a Multi-Tool that can be upgraded and used a variety of ways, depending on the player's unique playstyle. This means you can upgrade it to make you better at mining or even attacking other players.

They touch a bit on space combat and how seamless it will be, even able to transition to a fight on the surface of a planet, which is something we're looking forward to seeing. Speaking of combat, they've yet to touch on what will drive a lot of the combat, which is something programmer Sean Murray describes as "a malevolent force." Cryptic!

Multiplayer was explored just a little, although Murray said that the game and its planets would be so vast that the chances of running into others wouldn't be very great. That's not to say that you won't cross paths, but it's not a major facet of No Man's Sky's gameplay. The focus is completely on exploration and trying to reach the center of the galaxy.

Watch the video above to learn more and then keep it tuned here as we keep you updated on Hello Games' upcoming space adventure, No Man's Sky.