Nintendo 3DS XL owners can now pre-order the Circle Pad Pro add-on via ShopNintendo. The accessory adds additional shoulder buttons as well as a second analog Circle Pad on the right side of the system.

The Circle Pad Pro was announced last summer, and it's reportedly ready for shipping starting April 19th. Wiith such news as the announcements release of EarthBound for the Wii U Virtual Console and an Animal Crossing bundle for the 3DS XL, the Circle Pad Pro was low on the list of Nintendo updates, especially since it's the year of Luigi.

The device, which made its debut in Japan last November, is compatible with such 3DS titles as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Resident Evil: Revelations, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater.

One important note - the Circle Pad Pro is not compatible with the Nintendo 3DS. For owners with the super sized version of the 3DS, the Circle Pad Pro costs $19.99.