Ninja Pizza Girl will be racing into everyone's hearts with its storyline that hits very close to home.

Jason and Nicole Stark and their daughter have recently posted their new game on PlayStation Blog and it looks interesting to say the least. It's all about a time "in the not-too-distant future where urban congestion has gotten so bad the only way to get a pizza across town in thirty minutes or less is to use underpaid teenage ninjas." If that wasn't unique enough, the premise of the game will definitely cover it. The game is all about a teenage girl, Gemma, who is trying to make her own way in life, while still being a pizza ninja. Many of the other teenage girls around her work for huge pizza companies and wear drone-like uniforms. Gemma, on the other hand, works for her father in a uniform she designed.

The whole premise of the game is to get from point a to point b in x amount of minutes. However, Gemma's performance depends not on the damage that she takes in general, but the damage that she takes in front of other teenage pizza ninjas. Teenagers can be cruel and the Starks know this very well, having two teenage daughters. Therefore, in Ninja Pizza Girl, while taking damage certainly isn't good, it's the damage you take in front of the people who will be most cruel that makes it harder for you to accomplish your goal in the allotted amount of time.

If you're excited for this game, you can start racing to see who's the best Ninja Pizza Girl on your PlayStation 4 in early 2015.