NFL fans will love the news that NFL Sunday Ticket, once limited to those that used DirecTV and its big gray satellite dishes for television, is now starting an instant streaming service.

Deadspin reports that DirecTV announced the streaming service via the DirecTV site, explaining this new set of programming. The plan comes with three different pricing options: $199 for the whole season on a PC, smartphone or tablet; $239.99 for the whole season on just a game console (with HD streaming), or $329.99 for everything plus the Red Zone Channel and the new DirecTV Fantasy Zone content.

While the NFL fan in each of us is really excited that we'll have the chance to watch all the games we want this season, the sensible person in us is wondering what the heck is up with that pricing model. Why separate console streaming from tablets and make streaming so expensive?

It's like DirecTV made up this package to quell all of the "We want Sunday Ticket outside of DirecTV!" shouts, but they made it in such a way that it's completely undesirable. Maybe we're old fashioned, but we'll stick to the basic stations and the local team coverage before we go dropping $330 to stream from our iPads and Xbox consoles.

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