IO Interactive shared the first details on its next-gen Hitman title, due to hit the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. From the sounds of it, Agent 47's next contract might just be his biggest and best yet.

In an open letter on the Hitman website, IO discussed the core concepts of this new Hitman game, including what to and what not to expect. The next-gen Hitman will focus on Agent 47 at the "prime of his career," with longtime handler Diana Burnwood and the whole ICA team backing him.

"We are building this game on the backbone of the Glacier 2 engine, using the best parts and what we have learned through Hitman: Absolution and drawing inspiration from past titles like Contracts and Blood Money to fulfill the core Hitman fantasy," IO wrote.

This Hitman will be non-linear, and will feature massive sanbox levels with no checkpoints created on the Glacier 2 engine. IO is hoping to bring more the memorable moments fans loved from earlier entries back by allowing players to really mess with the AI across a huge playing field.

Of course, IO isn't scrapping everything from more recent entries in the series. Contracts will be back again. Players will be able to create and upload different missions for friends and others to complete and see if anyone can best the original score.

"You will also be glad to hear that we have removed 47’s magic pockets. We believe that’s all we need to say about that subject," IO added.

There'll be more details on the next Hitman released in the coming months, but IO seems confident this entry will be a return to form for Agent 47. Until we see it in action, we'll reserve judgment, but we're definitely interested based on what IO's shared so far.